Water Well Treatment Procedure


We recommend the following procedure for well disinfection:

FirstMake sure your well is properly located (no septic tanks located with 50 feet or sewer lines within 150 feet) and constructed (watertight covering to exclude surface drainage, dust, insects, small animals and other foreign materials).

SecondKnow the depth of your well. The amount of chlorine you use to disinfect your well will depend on the amount of water in it. Figure the amount of chlorine (Clorox or Purex, etc,) to be added to your well using the chart below: CHLORINE BLEACH DOSAGE TABLE FOR WELL DISINFECTION: 
Less than 100 ft.½ to 1 gallon
100 to 200 ft.1 to 1 ½ gallons
200 to 300 ft.2 gallons
300 and above2 ½ gallons or more
These dosages are approximate. Greater amounts are recommended for excessively cloudy water or for hand-dug wells.
Third Gain access to the inside of the well to add the chlorine. Add the chlorine, then using a hose from the nearest faucet, allow water to run into the well two to three hours to circulate the chlorinated well water.

Fourth Discontinue using the water hose. Water should be pumped throughout the system until the chlorine odor is noticed at ALL outlets of the system. The water should then be allowed to remain in the well and system as long as possible, preferably 24 hours during this time it is recommended that the water not be used for drinking or cooking.

Fifth After disinfecting the well, flush all faucets until the bleach odor disappears.

Sixth Resubmit another sample, keeping in mind that a single disinfection may not be sufficient and periodic testing is suggested.