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Applications for Food Establishment Operations

    Fixed Food Establishment Plan Review Preliminary Application

    Mobile Food Unit Plan Review Manual - October 2016

    Temporary Food Establishment Permit Application

    Coordinator Application for a Single Event or Celebration

Regulations for Food Establishment Operations

    District Order 2016-2

    Texas Food Establishment Rules

Resources for Food Establishments

NSF Plan Review Guidance Document ** For Reference Only**

NSF Plan Review Calculator ** For Reference Only**

Temporary Food Vendors - What you need to know to obtain a permit!

Temporary Food Vendor Guidance Document

Food Establishment Training Courses

    Certified Food Manager Schedule

    Basic Food Worker Schedule

    Spanish Certified Food Manager Class Schedule

    Spanish Basic Food Worker Schedule

    Certified Food Manager Registration Documentation

Application for Day Care and Foster Home Operations

    Day Care Inspection Application

    Foster Home Inspection Application

Regulations for Day Care and Foster Home Operations Certificate of Inspection

    Day Care Foster Home Inspection Order 2013-2

Applications for Public Swimming Pools and Spas

Plan Review App & Guidance Document Step 1 (03-17)

Regulations for Public Swimming Pools and Spas

    District Order 2013-1

    TAC Pool Code

Public Swimming Pool and Spa Training Course

  Pool and Spa Training Agenda May 19th 2017

    Public Swimming Pool and Spa Class Schedule 2017